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Kerala Chat - Malayalam Chat for the people of God's Own Country!

Kerala Chat – The Malayalam Chat Room is dedicated to ethnic malayalees Indians those like to meet NRI visitors from UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Kerala chat family is a tribute to all Keralites, all over the world representing a unique community, blessed by God, with immense natural beauty and talents. Our memories of Kerala are always filled with one colour, the colour of Mother Nature- Green! We all should be proud to be born in this truly "God's Own Country". Let's rediscover the true beauty of Kerala out here. Let's share the God's greatest gift to mankind- Love and Friendship. Desi Power Malayalam Chat hopes to provide a unique opportunity for people-to-people contact, for people to inter-mingle, for young girls-boys to negate the destructive tendencies of distrust, hatred and enmity and to spread the wonderful message of friendship, love, peace and harmony to people all over the world.
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