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Pakchat Masti social chat network for Pakistani girls and boys from Karachi, Multan, Lahore living as non-residents in UK, US, Canada, Europe, Austrlia, Germany & France. This Urdu chat room also known as Urduchat room of pakchat and pak fm. You can change the room and also make a Punjabi room, or a Multani room as per your wish. Many Asian girls call their other Asians friend to chat on Karachi chat network. Chat about bollywod actress or just a simple talk & gossips session can be a fun here. Desi girls living in USA, UK, come to this chat for talk and help on migration, studies, urdu, poems (shayeri or sher-o-shairi), Indian, Pakistani and indo-pak subjects. No password and no registration needed. No sexy or sex related materiel is published on this website. There are no pornographic contents on this site.


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Warning: This karachi desichat is non-moderated. By entering chat room, you agree to be at least 13 years of age. Avoid giving your real name, telephone numbers, address and other personal details on chat room to anyone, no matter how much you think you can trust them. You are using chat rooms on your own responsibility. 'Site Admin' and the 'Owners' will not be responsible for any consequences resulting your use of this 'Site' or its 'Chat-Rooms'.

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Online chatting can boost the confidence and self-esteem of individuals who have heartaches or feel lonely. Although it should only be seen as a band-aid solution, chatting and flirting with strangers can give people a boost of confidence when it is most needed. Even a stranger can put a smile on someone's face. Online dating is becoming increasingly common, as some people are too busy to go out and meet someone. But please maintain peace while chatting and follow basic etiquettes like, don’t ‘Spam’ or ‘flood’ the room. Avoid using all CAPS while typing, as it is hard on the eyes to read and considered rude. It is the Internet equivalent to shouting.
Be civil to others. This is important in any situation, but even more so in a chat room, because only text is seen, and you can not see facial expressions or hear tones of voice. If you feel uncomfortable chatting with a stranger, it is easy to leave. Ignoring a user or leaving an online chat just requires one click. You should do this if you feel threatened, used or uncomfortable, when chatting with strangers.

Girls Power  Chat Room is made to bring south Asians of different ages, nationalities, ethnic groups, social classes, religions and political persuasions together. Just find the crowd of people you want to meet invite them for a live webcam chat and see who likes you. Making friends and meeting new crowds of people has never been so easy. This chat site is made to find and meet people you love to talk and share some emotion, sentimental and intimate talks. Unlike telephonic conversation, Girls Power Chat is free and globally accessible across geographic boundaries, crossing all the time zone barriers providing a unified platform for real time discussions and sorting of problem if exists. On this chat people of Pakistani, Indian, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives origin living abroad in UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and other parts of the world.  Join to chat online free without any registration, unlike dating sites, which includes registration and fee, these chat rooms have no such process. Anyone can chat any time and have an option to discontinue if you do not like it. Since there is no money involved it has large user base. 
Read above Chat Safety and related pages before using any chat room.

Desi Girls Chat is a lightly monitored and less populated Pakistani chat, please talk nicely and respect the users and admin in this chat room. Language of this room is Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Pashtu, Urdu, English and other languages of Pakistan and south Asian countries. Pakchatmasti is a great place to meet new friends online. Best chat room for teenagers and beginners as it offers engaging, age-appropriate topics, a regular revisiting of the same of teen chat users and an easy-to-use format with Mic and webcam. If you are new to Internet chatting this is best place to learn how to meet new friends online. It's important to appear in the chat room every day for at several days to know other users and have friendship developed. Let visitors know what your chat room schedule is, thus you can increase your contacts and make lasting relations.

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