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If you're like most people, when you think of chat rooms, you probably think about a bunch of people who get together and talk about dating, relationships, etc. Well, you'd be only half right, because chat rooms are so much more! English chat room is a part of a site, a free online social networking service that provides a venue for communities of users with a common interest to communicate in real time and share thoughts on topics such as music and entertainment, politics and religion in safe and non- threatening environment. It's important to appear in the chat room at the same time every day or at least several days per week. Let visitors know what your chat room schedule is, you can increase your contacts and make lasting relations.


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English Chat room of have promoted active involvement of users in interacting with native English speakers without being restricted by location. In many ways, this is an unprecedented learning opportunity. English language learning students can use this chat room at any time to interact with any number of people anywhere in the world. New bees are able to see how a conversation develops, and also to notice what kinds of response are suitable (or unsuitable) in given situations. User is enticed into conversing with others, and yet can withdraw as and when they feel like it.
Users are also given the opportunity for skills development and practice. Desi English Chat room offer user the chance to produce English language which is somewhere between everyday spoken English and the English language in its written form. Many users may not have previously been exposed to such informal written English.
Please Read our Chat Safety Page and other related pages before using any chat room.

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